The plastic free revolution is underway. This transformation, which is the segment of greater and pervasive change, is already, at this time, giving men and women around the world the opportunity to think about possibilities, to a different and more sustainable future. The festival supports and shares the aims and movement of this revolution through some critical choices: use only glass for bottles, avoid paper consumption by preferring the distribution of materials entirely in digital format. We choose to follow the alternative, to be an alternative. Through the choice of being a totally free plastic and paper-free event, the festival expresses the clear intention to start a journey, the first step of a more ambitious project to be implemented over time. The next editions will be the ground to maintain and expand our commitment to a future eco-friendly sustainable that has as its background a greater social awareness and an awareness towards the environmental issues related to the quantity and quality of the resources of our system-world and the use that we intend to make of them. The activities that we will undertake will involve the new generations: young people, schools, representatives of the world of culture and art, with the aim of creating a great network of knowledge, exchanges, reflections within which everyone will be able to recognize as a fundamental and irreplaceable node of change. plastic free .