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Games for Change series

Rome, April 21st - April 28th - May 5th 2021



21 Aprile 2021 | 16.30 pm CEST

1st Talk – Gamification and Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage

The Gamification applied to cultural heritage sites provides new opportunities of change in the educational and cultural sphere through a re-evaluation of the game experience as a tool for the creation of more engaging forms of entertainment: The Holy City, Interactive Virtual Reality Experience by director Nimrod Shanit is a clear demonstration.

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28 Aprile 2021 | 16.30 CEST

2nd Talk – E-Learning, Gamification and VR: a new cognitive approach

How can the use of Virtual Reality represent a valid learning support? A participatory reflection on the use of immersive virtual reality devices in education: Why using them and how, with what advantages?

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5 Maggio 2021 | 16.30 CEST

3rd Talk – XR Arts: Arts in the future

The world of art takes on a different appearance, as well as its expressions: from writing to dance, from sculpture to painting, from music to acting: will A.I. machines be able to produce art? Could we still call it art?

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