Gaetano Tieri

Phd in Cognitive Social and Affective Neuroscience.

Department of Psychology, La Sapienza University of Rome.
Expert in the use of immersive virtual reality as a tool for the implementation and development of educational activities and scientific research. He conducts his research activity in the field of General Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience in which he investigates human behavior and the main psychological functions, including perceptual and attentional processes, emotional responses elicited by interaction with virtual environments and self-awareness. and of one's body, through the use of new technologies.

Marta Cimitile

Researcher at Unitelma Sapienza (Rome) in Information processing systems.

He collaborates with the Campania ICT regional center (CeRICT) on research projects related to Big Data, Data Analysis and AI in different application domains.
Co-founder of the spin off Ser & Practices of the University of Bari which deals with the transfer of research results and innovation in Software Engineering in the industrial sector.

Marco Iosa

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Mechanical Engineer, PhD in Neurophysiology, for years I was Director of the IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation with positions as Researcher, member of the Quality Office, member of the Ethics Committee, member of the Clinical Risk management Team, Lecturer for Tor Vergata University.

Simone Arcagni

Professor at the University of Palermo, journalist, columnist, consultant and lecturer

Scholar of new media and new technologies Simone collaborates with "Nòva - Il Sole 24Ore", "Oxygen", Techno news" " Segnocinema "and other scientific and scientific magazines.
He has his own blog (Postcinema) on the "Nòva100" website of "Sole 24Ore. Directs "Screencity Journal" and "EmergingSeries Journal". He is a member of the "International Advisory Board for Web and Transmedia Strategies" of the Prix Italia of Rai and vice-president of the LUM (Multimedia University Laboratory) of Palermo.

Guido Geminiani

CEO at IMPERSIVE VR & founder / CCO at Brandon Box
In 2014 he began his experience in the world of virtual reality with immersive productions which, in parallel with years of research and experimentation, lead him to develop an innovative production technique "360 ° - stereoscopic 3D - full body - in motion" giving life to a new language of communication to which he gives the name “IMPERSIVE”, like the company he founds.
CEO of IMPERSIVE and director of reference, he continues to develop and implement production techniques and to date he has conceived and directed more than 100 commercial projects for many of the major international brands.

Lorenzo Cappannari

CEO & Co-Founder AnotheReality

Graduated with honors in Economics and Commerce. He began his career in Marketing and Sales within multinationals such as Indesit Company and Arena, before joining Luxottica where he quickly became General Manager Ray-Ban for Latin America.
At the end of 2015, after a chance encounter with a small team of developers, he left the world of multinationals to enter the world of startups, joining them to found AnotheReality.
Today he holds the position of CEO and Business Developer

Gabriel Giandinoto

Technician in Communication Sciences. 

Since 2020 he has been the content director of Virtuality, the fair and festival of content and immersive businesses of French origin in Latin America. In the different venues, he has launched and supervised different actions for Virtuality.

At the end of 2020, as part of Virtuality Paris International, he coordinated an Ibero-American call for the development of XR projects within the Metaverso co-developed with Manzalab from France. In 2021 he became the academic director of the XR San Juan Course.

Sergio Ramírez


Has developed an intense activity within the scope of law, application of immersive, electronics, information and communication technologies and digital and creative media for education, training, culture, health, industry, security, marketing and social impact in Spain, UK, Canada, the United States, an many Latin American countries.

Inês Maciel

Cinematic VR (360º videos) and Immersive Narrative content producer.

Professor and researcher, develops PostDoc research “XR Ecosystem Mapping in Brazil in Federal University of São Carlos. Her role in  VFX and Motion Graphics has its origins at her hybrid graduation in technology and arts. She is currently professor at Creative Media Master’s Degree Program where supervises and develops researches about  XR contents, 360º videos, immersive narratives. 

Camilo Montañez

Expert in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Business Development, Strategy and Sales.
Manager of the Local Ecosystem Huawei Colombia, Founder and CEO of 3GOVideo,.
Lead of Facebook Developer Circles Bogota, Consultant.

Davide Sisto

Professore presso Università degli Studi di Torino

Davide Sisto, thanatologist and philosopher, holds workshops on Cyborg Culture and Augmented Reality at the University of Turin. He also teaches at the Master "Death Studies & the End of Life" at the University of Padua. His research focuses mainly on Digital Death, on which he has written two books: La morte si fa social. Immortalità, memoria e lutto nell’epoca della cultura digitale Ricordati di me. La rivoluzione digitale tra memoria e oblio. He is currently writing a book on how digital technologies are changing our relationship with proximity and distance.

Salvatore Iaconesi

Artist, designer, engineer, hacker, educator.

A mix of roles, skills and attitudes cultivated over the years to be able to navigate our world in rapid and radical change.

Salvatore's projects are both design interventions and works of art, which makes them present in society in the form of participatory platforms through which stakeholders of all kinds can participate and collaborate.

Louis Cacciuttolo

Founder of VRrOOm

Worked in the US and China as Vice President of THX, a George Lucas company specializing in film technology, where he revitalized the brand.
He is an entertainment entrepreneur, writer, director and producer of award-winning films, including the feature film 'Cendre' in 2014, and the interactive VR animation short for Vive 'The Last Footprint' in 2016.
He also co-produces augmented reality installations.

Since March 2020, VRrOOm has launched its virtual events production studio in social XR, dedicated to live streaming and 6DoF of artistic performances and live shows on VRChat.

Ori Inbar

Fondatore di Super Ventures e AWE

Ori Inbar is founder of Super Ventures, the first early-stage fund dedicated to Augmented Reality (AR).
He is also the co-founder and CEO of AWE XR, a global community dedicated to advancing augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Since 2010, over 5000 companies and 50,000 professionals have trusted AWE to connect, learn and grow their business in the XR ecosystem – via conferences, meetups, classes, award competitions, industry news, and thousands of free videos about everything XR.

Jingshu Chen

Co-founder VeeR in 2016

Has grown to be a leading global VR content planform, with a fast-growing 8K VR cinema chain ZeroSpace across China. As CPO, she leads the product, marketing, operation teams of the company, as well as the content arm, VeeR studio. She has executive produced several VR films that got selected into international film festivals, including One More Minute and Ajax All Powerful. Jingshu was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia in 2018.

Oriana Persico

Co-founder & Art Director at HER: She Loves Data / Nuovo Abitare

Expert in participatory policies and digital inclusion. She is an artist, writer and ecologist.
She currently teaches Interaction Design and cross-media practices at ISIA Design Florence.
She has worked together with national governments and the European Union to the creation of best practices, standards and researches in the areas of digital rights, social and technological innovation, Digital Business Ecosystems (DBE), practices for participation and knowledge sharing.

Oriana writes critical, scientific, philosophical and poetical texts that connects to technological innovation, and on its cultural, sociological, economic and political impacts.

Lorenzo Montagna


Per oltre 20 anni Amministratore Delegato di alcune delle principali aziende internet in Italia, come Yahoo!.
Dopo questa lunga esperienza studia da vicino la nuova rivoluzione ci attende dopo il web e dopo lo smartphone: quella delle tecnologie “immersive”: Realtà Aumentata, Virtuale, Mixata.
Advisor per PwC , Presidente in Italia di VRARA, la più grande associazione mondiale di AR e VR e Mentor in Polihub (acceleratore del Politecnico di Milano).
Il ruolo di Lorenzo è quello di aiutare i business leaders, managers ed imprenditori a conoscere questi media, in modo chiaro e dal punto di vista del marketing, delle vendite, della comunicazione, dell’efficienza nella produzione e nella formazione .

Laura Iacovone

Docente di Marketing presso l’Università Bocconi (fino al 2019) e presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano

Titolare dei corsi di “Consumer & Shopping Behavior” e “Neuro Marketing Research”,, nonché membro del corpo docente del Master in Data Science for Economics, Business and Finance e nel Master in Cybersecurity & Data Protection. Da sempre appassionata di tecnologia – nella misura in cui sia in grado di offrire concretamente valore aggiunto a persone e organizzazioni – ha contribuito alla nascita di start up come 3F-Lab srl, focalizzata sullo sviluppo di piattaforme digitali innovative che integrano le nuove tecnologie immersive, a specifiche conoscenze settoriali prevalentemente nel settore health&pharma, e ad algoritmi decisionali proprietari di AI.