VRE -Virtual Reality Experience is the first Italian festival entirely dedicated to the immersive technologies (XR). The festival founded by Mariangela Matarozzo and produced by the Cultural Association Iconialab wants to explore how XR shape the world of tomorrow.

VRE is an international cutting edge showcase in which the audience could attend a selection of international VR works and VR Interactive, enjoy virtual experiences, attend live performances. The program also includes Masterclasses, Talks, Keynotes with XR top level professionals from across the globe.

VRE 2020 is a 3-days online and on site event with a program fully dedicated to immersive technologies and their impact in Arts (Cinema, Theater, Dance, Music, Painting), Business Area, Science, Medicine, Storytelling, Cultural Heritage, Digital Humanities. The Programme will include CINEMA VR with an official selection of film 360°, virtual experiences, Live Performances and Talks where some of the most influential speakers in the fields of VR/AR/XR will intervene.


Due to the Covid emergency, VRE20 will be in a mixed format: App for the official selection, streaming for Talk & Masterclass, on site for VR Interactive & Art Performing.

This will be an opportunity to enlarge our audience, people from over the world could attend the festival thanks to the App available wordwilde, and the streaming technologies.

VRE 2019

The first edition of VRE – Virtual Reality Experience was held from the 5th to the 9th of November inside the spaces of Caserma Guido Reni, part of Videocittà, the Vision festival created by Francesco Rutelli.

There were many protagonists in the VRE Talks who facilitated the exchange and circulation of knowledge about the world of virtual reality and immersive technologies: thanks to the valuable contribution of each speaker we were able to devote two days to discuss and problematics of a matter so full of suggestions. 

The VRE Awards and the Rai Cinema Channel Award were held during the festival. The VRE Awards have been decreed by an international jury and by a Young jury composed of under 25 years old.

The evening events were experimental and they were dedicated to the contamination between Arts and VR. VRFreedomlive was a concert which moved the participant to a VR cinema soundtrack.

Furthermore the theatre of Elio Germano and Omar Rashid in Segnale d’Allarme – La mia Battaglia VR led the audience to experience the theater through headseat.

The partners who believed and participated to the first edition have become co-protagonists of an innovative festival all around.

The VREFest is the beginning of a journey that will bring us to broad our horizons ever more and to look at the new frontiers that the worlds of immersive technologies and virtual reality have to offer.





Are you a director, an illustrator or an artist and did you create a virtual reality work?

You can express your talent,gain visibility for your works and confront yourself with other experts from all over the world by participating in our festival!

It is now officially open completely free call to be a part of the #VRE20, the second edition of the international event designed to explore the vast world of immersive technologies and of their impact on our near future.

A real observatory which allows the public to take part in a selection of works shot at 360 degrees, to live virtual experiences, to attend to live performances and to listen to some of the most influential voices in the fields of VR/AR/XR.

Click this link to find all the useful information to sign all your works up.




A major transformation for a cleaner world and a more sustainable future is in place.

We have chosen to be a part of this through some conscious choices:

we decided to only use glass bottles and to avoid the consumption of paper, preferring to distribute materials entirely in digital form instead.

Thanks to the choice to be an entirely plastic and paper free event, VRE expresses the clear intent to start a new path, the first step to a much more ambitious project to undertake in time.

The VRE 2020 will be the foundations to maintain and expand our effort in favour of an eco friendly future that has as its background a larger social conscience and a larger sensitization towards environmental issues tied to the quantity and quality of resources of our ecosystem and to the use we intend to make of them.

We vow to arrange activities that will involve the new generations: young people, schools, the representatives of the cultural and artistic world with the intent to create a large network of knowledge, exchanges, reflections in which everyone will be able to be a fundamental and an irreplaceable hub of change.



From the 16th to the 18th of October,these are the dates of the second edition of VRE – Virtual Reality Experience, the international festival dedicated to the world of immersive audiovisual (videos filmed at 360°) created to broadcast VR Cinema and to show to the public the role and employment of the Immersive Technologies (Extended Reality – XR) in different fields: from entertainment to medicine, from art to business and from cultural heritage to gaming. 

The festival has an even more digital role, in part because of the restrictions imposed by Covid-19this year it will be mainly digital but will maintain a few locations for collateral events (Rome). The first sign of innovation comes from the creativity curated by Francesco Barbieri.



VRE-Virtual Reality Experience is designed to explore and present the role and employment of immersive technologies in all kinds of fields: from entertainment to medicine, from art to Business.

The second edition of the festival will be hosted in October 2020 in Rome.

Are you a curious person who is passionate, energetic and loves innovation? You can be a part of an original and international festival entirely dedicated to VR/AR/XR.

You will be registered in the organization based on your personal experiences and attitudes.

To apply write to : and attach a photo and a short story about yourself.