The 2020 VRE edition conforms itself to the international situation and it revolutionizes its format by giving life to a hybrid edition which introduces the digital and maintains some physical locations with the belief that only by experiencing the feeling live you are truly able to feel it to the fullest. 

The festival created by Mariangela Matarozzo and produced by the Cultural Association Iconialab is originally conceived as a festival entirely dedicated to immersive technologies and their impact on our near future. 

The programme includes immersive productions which express to the fullest the power of the art of narration in each and every one of its forms. There is the Cinema with the Official Selection of VR productions from all over the world, Culture: some of the most influential voices will liven up Talks and Masterclasses, moments of in-depth analysis dedicated to the different declinations of XR, Art Performances for a new multimedia expression and expansion.

A perfect mix of entertainment and culture, a place for innovation and experimentation, capable of completely involving the viewers.


The second edition of VRE will take place during a year characterized by bonds and limitations which are reflected in the organization of the festival. Nonetheless VRE wanted to realize in traditional locations the sections with a greater emotional and sensorial engagement. Next to the digital VRE will be present at the Maxxi with the VR Experiences (6DoF), at Villa Maraini (in collaborazione con Istituto Svizzero Roma) per alcune tra le più innovative Art Performing, nell’Aula Magna Unitelma Sapienza with some Talks and Masterclasses. 

The festival will have a hybrid format: next to the physical locations there will be the digital part, in fact, the competition of VR Videos will be available on the Veer VR Platform, some talks and masterclasses will be in streaming on the festival’s and the partner’s social channels.  

VRE will be among the Risonanze della Festa del Cinema 2020: “in doing so, we will have the chance to broad the horizon of our event towards the advanced frontiers of vision involving the public in new and unexpected experiences amongst experimentation, interaction and immersion”, said Laura delli Colli - President of the Cinema Foundation for Rome..


Edizione tenutasi dal 16 al 18 ottobre 2020




Questi i vincitori dei quattro Premi in programma: Best VRE20 VR Film è andato a Passenger degli australiani Isobel Knowles e Van Sowerwine per l’originalità del soggetto e dell’uso combinato della tecnologia VR con la Stop Motion Animation, che rende il tema dell’emigrazione e del viaggio verso un nuovo paese un’opportunità di conoscenza e di condivisione. A decretare il premio una giuria internazionale composta da Yair Agmon, Jaehee Cho, Pierre Emmanuel Le Goff, Rafael Pavon, Kirsty van der Plas.

Il VRE20 Young Best VR Film, stabilito da una Giuria under 30 (tutti provenienti da Scuole Superiori e Università), è andato a Black Bag del cinese Qing Saho per l’originalità della storia, l’elevata qualità delle immagini e per l’uso ottimale delle opzioni della realtà virtuale nel distorcere le percezioni visive e uditive. 

Il Premio Rai Cinema Channel è stato assegnato all’italiano Girolamo da Schio per H.o.m. Per l’originalità e la giusta drammaticità con cui descrive a 360°, sotto forma di mise teatrale e con humor nero, una quotidianità amara e dimenticata che si svolge tra le mura strette e claustrofobiche di una struttura psichiatrica.

Infine, il Premio Best Interactive Experience 2020 è andato a Once upon a sea dell’israeliano Adam Levy. un viaggio straordinario e coinvolgente nella regione del Mar Morto, il luogo più basso della terra.

VRDays Europe 2020

L’evento più coinvolgente del 2020
Quest’anno è tutto diverso.

VRDays Europe è una conferenza è una 3 giorni di conferenze e contenuti, la creatività e l’innovazione di realtà virtuale, aumentata e mista. La 2020 New Horizons Edition esplorerà come le tecnologie immersive plasmano il mondo di domani.

VRDays Europe, ora più che mai.


We are honored to have in our International Jury:

Jaehee Cho, game designer.  Founder & Creative Director di STITCHBRIDGE, director of VR projects.

Pierre Emmanuel Le Goff, director, he competed in VRE19 and he won the Rai Cinema Channel VR Award with Being an Astronaut. He is an expert of film production, art direction, television, storytelling, and feature films.  

Rafael PavonArtist, creator and producer of immersive works, he works with Studios such as Atlas, and on projects like the award-winning Gloomy Eyes, Atom and Fragments.

Yair Agmon, graduated from a yeshiva, he is working as a guide at Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Museum and Research Center. 

Kirsty van der Plas, Head of Production for VR Days Europe and also on the International Film Festival Rotterdam team.

Five young under 30 students from High Schools and Universities will be called to compose the VRE20 Young Jury.


It’s almost time for VRE – Virtual Reality Experience, the international festival entirely dedicated to immersive technologies, which will take place from the 16th to the 18th of October in a hybrid format that combines virtual, digital and physical spaces.

To allow living the experiences  with greater emotional and sensorial involvement we chose two exceptional places: the wonderful Villa Maraini, e uno degli spazi del Maxxi.  

In addition to the physical places there will be a digital part; in fact the 21 Film VR Competition will be available on the Veer VR Platform in a dedicated channel, Talks and Masterclasses will be hosted in theAula Magna of Unitelma Sapienza and broadcasted in streaming on the VRE 2020’s social channels, through the Stream Yard software. 


A major transformation for a cleaner world and a more sustainable future is in place.

We have chosen to be a part of this through some conscious choices: we decided to only use glass bottles and to avoid the consumption of paper. Thanks to the choice to be plastic free e paper-free, VRE expresses the clear intent to start a new path, the first step to a much more ambitious project to undertake in time.

The next editions will be the foundations to maintain and expand our effort in favour of an eco-friendly future.

We vow to arrange activities that will involve the new generations: with the intent to create a large network of knowledge, exchanges, reflections in which everyone will be able to be a fundamental and an irreplaceable hub of change.


Virtual Reality and sustainable development: this is the goal of the editorial and artistic choice of VRE20. aimed towards the maximum inclusion through the entirely free diffusion and promotion of the events. Community life, education, work, health, gender inequalities, sustainability and development are the big topics of the 2030 Agenda. Virtual Reality shows its great potential in simplifying learning, understanding and sharing of values that are at the base of these objectives and contributes to their achievement. Among these topics VRE chose to develop some of them with dedicated focuses and through films which are able to tell stories, to describe territories and to take on social issues like:women’s rights, the promotion of Cultural and environmental Heritage, the radical change of perspective forced by the lockdown


From the 16th to the 18th of October, these are the dates of the second edition of VRE – Virtual Reality Experience, the international festival dedicated to the world of immersive audiovisual (videos filmed at 360°) created to broadcast VR Cinema and to show to the public the role and employment of the Immersive Technologies (Extended Reality – XR) in different fields: from entertainment to medicine, from art to business and from cultural heritage to environmental sustainability. 

The festival has an even more digital role, in part because of the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, this year it will be mainly digital but will maintain a few locations for collateral events (Rome). The first sign of innovation comes from the creativity curated by Francesco Barbieri.