VRE - Virtual Reality Experience, founded by Mariangela Matarozzo and produced by Iconialab Cultural Association, is the first Italian festival entirely dedicated to the immersive technologies and their impact on our near future.

An international event born to explore the role and use of immersive technologies: from entertainment to medicine, from art to business.

The Audience can attend a selection of works shot at 360 °, Virtual Experiences, Live Performance, and listen to some of the most authoritative voices in VR / AR / XR. 


We are working on the VRE 2020 edition and facing a new challenge due to the current situation given by Covid-19. Nobody knows what will happen in the coming weeks and months in Rome and in the whole world. 

We have launched the call with the hope of realizing the festival, perhaps with a different format. We are, in fact, talking to our VR international partners to understand together if there will be creative solutions to deal with this crisis.

Those who want to present 360 ^ works, virtual experiences or participate as a speaker can send videos, projects, proposals to us.

Stay tuned for updates!

VRE 2019

The first edition of VRE - Virtual Reality Experience was held from 5 to 9 November in the spaces of the Ex Caserma Guido Reni.

More than 30 Speakers at the VRE Talk facilitated the exchange and circulation of knowledge in the different area of the Extended Reality are applied. 

A VR Theatre with 21 VR video in competition.

Sold out, every days, our VR Interactive.

In the evening VRE has presented proposals dedicated to the contamination between arts and VR. VRFreedom a live performance were music meet a selection of 360 ^ works. The theater of Elio Germano and Omar Rashid in the dramatic Segnale d’Allarme – La mia Battaglia VR.

VRE is looking at the new frontiers that the world of immersive technologies offers us. 




Sei un regista, illustratore o artista che ha prodotto un’opera in realtà virtuale?  Ecco il luogo adatto a te, per esprimere il tuo talento, dare visibilità ai tuoi lavori e confrontarti con esperti da tutto il mondo.

The Call to partecipate #VRE20is now open! The Artist/Producer that own the rights and wants to participate are requested to fill out the Submission Form for the registration at

A questo link potete trovare tutte le info utili per iscrivere i vostri prodotti.




We are living an hard moment and none of us were prepared to face it. Everyone is required to collaborate, and everyone is doing it. The silence that surrounds us can become an opportunity to experience emotions and beauty with greater experience. Il silenzio che ci circonda ci catapulta in un mondo che mai prima d’ora abbiamo conosciuto, ma può diventare l’occasione di vivere con maggiore consapevolezza emozioni e bellezza.  

Noi di VRE wants to make its small contribution to the #IoRestoaCasa campaign, promoted by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT), so that culture, in these days of emergency, arrives in homes also through websites and social networks through of cultural institutions., promossa dal Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo (MiBACT), affinché la cultura, in questi giorni di emergenza, arrivi nelle case anche attraverso i siti web e i social delle istituzioni culturali.

VRE has a short story, just an edition to tell, but with great pleasure we provide videos and photos, the most beautiful and most important moments experienced f the first edition. mettiamo a disposizione video e foto, i momenti più belli e più importanti vissuti lo scorso novembre nell’Ex Caserma Guido Reni.

We are working and planning the second edition scheduled for October 2020 in a space that we should have defined in these weeks. We do not know what will happen and for now we are unable to provide details on the future. Quello che accadrà non lo sappiamo e per ora non siamo in grado di fornire dettagli sul futuro.