A section dedicated to projects in Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality expands the proposed program. The Pelanda space will host some Artworks by the international digital artist Tamiko Thiel in collaboration with his partner Peter Graf and installations created by OSC Innovation for VRE21.

OSC Innovation

OSC Innovation, the atelier that blends advanced technology and imagination, uses technology in a skilful integration with creativity to create innovative, customizable solutions, through robotics, AI, Digital Applications.
Partner of VRE has created two AR installations for the 2021 edition.

Membrana Catartica

Membrana Catartica by OSC (ITA, 2021) Augmented Reality (AR)

A screen frames the user and traces his body, returning the image as in a mirror. Thanks to the infrared 3D camera and the workstation, Augmented Reality adds 3D and multimedia content to the person and the scene, which simulate the coexistence in the environment. The user can interact in real time with the contents and animations.


InPossible by OSC (ITA, 2021) Mixed Reality (MR)

Thanks to its proprietary platform, OSC Innovation develops advanced web content in VR and AR in order to integrate special interactive modules within websites. This solution allows you to explore 3D content, interacting with all the elements and transposing them into the Augmented Reality scene. Once the user activates his camera, the 3D object is directly visible in the real environment that surrounds it.

Tamiko Thiel

Digital artist Tamiko Thiel, whose works are present in prestigious museum collections such as MoMA NY and the Whitney Museum NY, contributed to the VRE 21 program with two of her latest AR creations created together with artist and partner Peter Graf.


EVOLUTION OF FISH by Tamiko Thiel and Peter Graf (USA, 2021) 

It is a large augmented reality projection that transforms the surrounding environment into an underwater coral reef, full of schools of fish. Visitors can use iPads to guide fish into space, but the more they intervene in the virtual ecosystem, the more fish turn into plastic trash.

Peter Graf

Peter Graf is a German media artist, he has a degree in Computer Science and has been working on web based projects since 1994. In 2018 he started collaborating on AR and AI works with artist Tamiko Thiel.


AY CORONA! by Peter Graf (USA, 2021) 

Work created during the first lockdown to address the fear and feeling of helplessness caused by the Coronavirus in the world. The virus of interactive work is not as invisible and silent as the real one and can be fought by focusing one's attention.