Games for Change Series is a cycle of 7 panels that wants to explore the multidisciplinary approach using games and gamification in the context of Contemporary Art, Learning and Cultural Heritage. Gamification ne è un palese esempio.

Researchers, artists, designers, neuroscientists have understood its potential, using it as a tool capable of creating highly immersive and engaging experiences.

What is actually happening in the world of Contemporary Art, Cultural Heritage, Learning, Storytelling? Games For Change Series proveremo a comprendere meglio l’uso della Gamification nell’Arte Contemporanea, nella Valorizzazione del Patrimonio, nel Learning, nello Storytelling e nel Teatro.

During the panel we will deep dive into:

  • What do we mean when we talk about gamification?
  • How are museum spaces changing?
  • How has gamification changed the ways of access to the artworks?
  • What are the cognitive and social benefits of games?
  • How can videogames be used in the context of Educational and Learning?
  • Is Gaming an Innovative Storytelling?
  • Quali sono le nuove forme d’arte e quali saranno?