VRE Open Call 2021


Virtual Reality Experience, the XR international film festival, presents the best VR cinema and the best Artworks.

For our festival 3rd edition 2021 we are searching for the world’s most cutting-edge artworks.

VRE invites artists worldwide to submit their virtual, augmented and mixed reality projects.

We are accepting installations, 360° film, live performances and interactive works.

Using cinema as a jumping off point, our XR and Immersive Programme will be an open space for featuring VR, AR, MR, immersive performances, virtual galleries, installations and Game Art.

This new strand will feature a variety of new pieces from bold, innovative creators worldwide who use  a range of artistic and creative techniques to impress and communicate with audience.

We’re particularly keen to see works from artists who have a strong interest in storytelling and are exploring this new creative culture that is expressed in the connections between moving images, technologies, fine arts, music, games, theater and fashion.

The submissions process enables us to be open to artists who wish to be part of the festival. The selected works will be presented in the 2021 program, both physically in Rome  and digitally accessible worldwide.

Please read RULES below before submitting the project.