VRE - Virtual Reality Experience, created by the cultural Association Iconialab, is the first Italian festival fully dedicated to the ample world of Extended Reality (XR).

The festival is born to explore the uses and the impact of the new immersive technologies and languages on our near future: virtual reality already is revolutionising the way to make art, culture in the fields of VR/AR/XR and soon it will be a key element for success in business.

The Virtual Reality Experience held in Rome is an observatory that opens windows upon new horizons through a selection of VR works from the most important international festivals and uses gaming as a refined tool to promote cultural Heritage.

In the course of the Talks during the festival it will be possible to be in touch with some of the most influential voices in the field, meanwhile thanks to the international VR Experiences, the live Performances between theatre and music and the inclusion of traditional cinema you will be able to sense the awesomeness of these new technologies.