Hana Hana 花華 di Melodie Mousset

VRE-VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE hosted and presented to the public the work of the Swiss artist Melodié Musset, HanaHana 花華.

 HanaHana in japanese means to bloom, the idea of the experience in fact is inspired by the manga One Piece in which the protagonist Nico Robin has the power to reproduce every body part after eating the devil’s fruit.

Through VR technology the players can create and extend hundreds of arms living an artistic and immersive experience where the hand has a symbolic value that allows to connect our mind to our body.

The work was presented in various cities among which Zurich, Amsterdam and Turin. In Turin Melodié Musset worked on Dear Onlus’ program Robo & Bobo. In collaboration with the pediatric oncological department of Regina Margherita hospital and with a group of children she created a new version of HanaHana.

This activity had positive effects on children who had the chance to evade from the hospital reality and live a unique artistic experience.